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Disney 20K DVD Now available

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby Thomcmdchief » Wed May 14, 2003 1:27 pm

:D The new Disney 20 K DVD is in the stores. I just ordered mine from $20.99 plus shipping. Webnemo says Toysrus has it in stock for $20.00 and that the additional features are absolutely awesome. Some of the footage has never been seen before. Enjoy :p
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Postby PaulC » Wed May 14, 2003 2:06 pm

These are the 20K DVD features listed on the site:

*All-New Audio Commentaries With Director Richard Fleischer And Classic Film Historian/Author Rudy Behlmer
*Radio Spots (Original Radio Spots From 1954 Feature)
*Peter Lorre's ADR Tracks (Gives The Listener A Glimpse Into The Process Of Dialogue Replacement For The Scenes Before They Were Trimmed And Edited Into The Feature Film)
*Captain Nemo's Organ Music
*The Making Of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Featurette
*Jules Verne & Walt Disney -- Explorers Of The Imagination Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
*The Humbolt Squid: A Real Sea Monster!
*The Musical Legacy Of Paul Smith
*Touring The Nautilus
*Lost Treasure: The Sunset Squid Sequence
*Disney Studio Album, Production Gallery, Monsters Of The Deep, Trims, Script Excerpt: Nemo's Death, Movie Merchandise
*Themed Cartoon (Theatrical Animated Short "Grand Canyonscope," Which Was Presented As Part Of The Theatrical Release
*Theatrical Trailer
*Storyboard-To-Scene Comparison
*Unused Animation

Here's the link:

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Postby 1bigjohn » Fri May 23, 2003 7:52 am

$18.00 at Sam's club :) :)
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Postby Bob the Builder » Fri May 23, 2003 8:15 am

One advantage to living in Canada... cheap CD's and DVD's.

20K DVD is only $23.99CAD at Walmart here. That's about $17.37US at today's exchange rate!

I've checked it out, and the "making of" is worth the entire price alone!

Highly recommended.
Bob Martin,
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Postby modelnut » Sun May 25, 2003 4:52 pm

Loved the new DVD!!! Great extras!

Best one to me was the 7 minute special on the Humbolt squid. Never seen anything like that before on any Science channel! There are raptors in the water! Predators with brains that have no objection to adding us to the menu.

Here is more from the expert featured on the DVD.

I was disapointed in one way though.

The NAUTILUS was STILL rusty brown in some shots and black iron in close-ups. I was so hoping that that would be resolved or corrected in the DVD.

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Postby SubStuff » Sun Jun 01, 2003 11:24 pm

I was looking to see if they added anything about the Naultilus going to the Pole (South or North, can't remember), but didn't see anything. I only saw one picture of this test shot, it was the Nautilus on the surface navigating it's way through an ice pack.
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