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SubRon 6 Fun Run Feb 12 - Carmel Indiana High School Pool 1 - 4 PM

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby TMSmalley » Mon Jan 31, 2005 11:16 am


SubRon6 Winter Fun Run.

WHEN: Lincloln's Birthday Feb 12 - Saturday 1-4
WHERE: Carmel Indiana High School Natatorium (pool).
WHO: Paid up members of the SubCommittee may run boats BUT ANYONE is invited to come watch to learn about RC subs first hand.

So far - We have RSVPs from John Schagane, Tom Wise, Jim Schwinkendorf, Virgil Brown, Matt Munger, Jerry Nichols, Craig "Mad Lab" O'Neill and family, Bob and Helen Geskin, Art "Chip" Meyer w/his new snookums, Tim Smalley, Richard Pflanzer, Mark Hamilton, Chris Campbell, Dave Hampton, and Dave Townsend and Dave Hamilton.

We usually meet at the hotel lobby (NEW HOTEL THIS TIME) around 5 PM on Friday and caravan to a place to eat dinner. (My cell phone will be on - 651-253-1032).

NOTE if you are in the SubRon 6 Op Area (the Midwest), a paid up member of the SubCommittee, and want to be included in the SR6 FLASH TRAFFIC email announcements about our upcoming events, please let me know by sending me an email at: and I will add you to the mailing list.

NOTE: Even if you are not a Midwesterner or not yet a SubCommittee member, but happen to be in the Indianapolis, Indiana area over the Feb 12 weekend, please feel free to swing by the Carmel High School Swimming Pool and see what RC subs are all about.

The Carmel High School Natatorium has windows all along one wall so there is nice natural light for photography.

SubRon6 Hotel for Feb Fun run.
We have secured a FEW discounted ($79/night) suites for the Fun Run. Tell them you are with the SubCommittee / SubRon6 group when you call - to get the reduced rate.

NOTE - these are BIG rooms - two queen sized beds PLUS a sleeper sofa so three guys sharing wouldn't be a problem.

Two room suites with 2 queen-sized beds plus a sleeper sofa makes these rooms a bargain - especially splitting between three guys. Perfect for families!

Sitting area, work space with voicemail and dataport, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. (bring popcorn!)

11355 North Meridian St., Carmel Indiana. 46032. A couple of miles from the high school pool. Plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby.

The DoubleTree Guest Suites
11355 N. Meridian St.,
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 844-7994 fax 844-2118

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Tim Smalley
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Postby wingtip » Wed Feb 09, 2005 1:44 pm

We usually meet at the hotel lobby (NEW HOTEL THIS TIME) around 5 PM on Friday and caravan to a place to eat dinner

so who is planning on showing up friday? I may want to come up friday evening and hang out and soak up some information if you guys are just gonna be in your rooms tinkering on your stuff for saturday... i only live 30 miles south of indy....
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Dave "wingtip" Townsend
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Postby TheMongoose » Thu Feb 10, 2005 12:50 am

I'm driving up from Cinci on Saturday. Anybody else coming from there? Chris
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Postby chips » Thu Feb 10, 2005 5:47 pm

My wife and I will be driving out on Friday, with my two operating subs.

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Bob Gesking
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Postby Virg » Sun Feb 13, 2005 9:31 pm


Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures. Glad you had a good time and it was nice meeting you. We'll see you at the next one.

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