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Stealth Drive (Hunt for Red October) for Replica! - How would u go about building this!

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Postby 78-1048986708 » Sat Mar 29, 2003 9:40 pm

This summer im going to try and build a Russian Typhoon Class sub. It is going to be a replica of the one seen in The Hunt for the Red October ( love that movie, its what got me started in r/c subs) Its going to be around 1/100 - 1/120 scale. For starters im just going to get it running so i can bring it to the local lake etc. However l8er ( probably during the winter or next summer) i am going to add the function of firing torpedoes to it that use Propel. Aslo if i can get this done i might add the function of firing missles powered by Propel. So to make the replica more realistic of the typhoon in Hunt for Red October, how would i go about making a stealth drive system like the one the typhoon has in that movie? It would be in addition to the main propulsion i would have. I already know it would be very difficult to make and etc. :p Thats why rite now it is purely a thought i have. Thing is i need some ideas and/ or ways on how to build a drive like that. Oh yes if i could make this stealth drive system, is the selected scale i have going to be big enough? If anyone comes up with any ideas or whatever concerning to this please email them to me. Thank you for your time. L8er

Postby Ramius » Sat Mar 29, 2003 9:54 pm

How about borrowing the drive setup used in the Rick Testy Seaview?I have thought of this also.But,for now,the Possum Wurks Shipyard is booked until next year.I have an Alfa getting readied for the subron 5 event in august.Another Akula waiting,then a typhoon.Would be very interested in your building of the torpedos and/or missles,as my typhoon will be as functional as possible,but no catapiller drive.
Would like torpedos for the Akula also.
Write me.
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Postby ThierryC » Sat Mar 29, 2003 11:00 pm

There are a few way of getting a caterpillar drive in a typhoon: first you can do like Rick Teskey in his Flying Sub and use a bunch of hot tub pumps to propel the boat, you probably would need 4 of these: two on each side, one close to the water intake and another one about 3/4 of the length of the sub. This would give yousome good speed and pretty accurate representation of the sub, but you would need at least a scale of 1/100 to do that !
Another way would be to use an impeller drive like the ones from graupner, which is really similar to the way Rick Teskey get his Seaview powered. However with this system you would need the water intake to be located under the sub and close to the exhaust which is not scale with the Red October.
Finally if you really like to experiment, you can try to build an ElectroKinetic Engine utilizing the Biefeld-Brown effect, that is a system that would be pretty close to the way the Red October works as there are no moving parts (thus is silent)
check out this link for more information: ElectroKinetic Drive on Sub-Forum
I have built a Typhoon ao if you have any questions, feel free to ask me !
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Postby robert lipsett » Tue Apr 01, 2003 4:46 pm

I seem to remember that the problem with a true caterpillar drive is that it will not work in fresh water. something to do with the conductivity of fresh water compared to salt water. please correct me if I am wrong ???
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robert lipsett
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Postby 76-1048675655 » Wed Apr 02, 2003 5:31 am

For some info on the Biefeld-Brown effect (a silent, highly efficient and generic drive), look at:

The Lifter project

This site is in french but the pictures are self-speaking and there are links to english sites on the same subject.

Obviously, the asymetric capacitors would not work in water, but they can be built inside the WTC. Producing very large voltage pulses from a small DC battery is not a problem, however induction would probably fry any Radio equipment on board (?).
The thrust produced by the current prototypes is very limited (a few grams). The design also looks very frail as it has to lift its own weight. In our case, we wouldn't need to use superlight structures. Maybe better thrust can be acheived by using other, heavier materials?
Anyway, even if you don't plan to build one of these lifters, the concept is worth a look. The website evolves regularly and I find it fascinating to check on the improvements. Who knows, maybe one day all vehicles will use the Biefeld-Brown effect?
Imagine a boomer silently running at 100kts...

Postby SubDruid » Sat Apr 05, 2003 10:07 pm

Actually, an ACAMOD(Asymmetrical Two Dimensional Capacitor Module) will work in water. It will, also, work in vacuum. There is a significant loss of velocity, but it does work. The Lifter Project has a video clip of a lifter device working in mineral oil. The loss of velocity is due to the viscosity of the liquid medium as well as elimination of the ionic wind effect which assists the lift created by an ElectroKinetic device.
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Postby fbradasc » Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:04 am

In the Tom Clancy's "Hunt for Red October" book there's an accurate description of the silent propulsion system of the Red October, it's a simple mechanical system nor magnetohidrodynaic neither electokinetic.
It uses a couple of crowler tracks (left and right) like the ones used in the tanks and working in the same way, which have a number of "shovel" attached to them used to push the water back/forth.
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Postby Gundam » Tue Apr 08, 2003 12:31 am

The easiest way would probly be to use small impellers. Graupner does sell some drives, but you could make your own just as easy, which wouldn't require the intake being on the bottom. The Red Octobers cattepillar drive had intakes on the nose, if you try to surface quickly going forward, and the nose was to break the water, the intakes might gulp air. If you plan only on using it during slow surfaces and running, it would look great. It would seem that impellers would be easy enough to use, and you would be able to make your own ducts. The sub I am making, will use something alot these lines. I've been looking at using two small 1 1/4" dia props. The actual ducts would be 1" around tomake up for the wasted hub space. Still considering graupners drives. They will work submerged, but keep in mind, those jet drives are designed for maximum thrust forward only... they could be reversed, but you won't get much out of them. -James Hunter
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