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A very good inexpensive ESC

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A very good inexpensive ESC

Postby aquadeep » Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:05 pm

Here is one great ESC from Aquacraft and no I dont have stocks in the company but it would be nice!
Its water proof and very powerfull,made for there line of RTR boats like the Bristol Bay.
I have installed and tested it now on 12 volts and its rock solid ,but most of all it has a very slow start point that barly turns the prop on even the largest or smallest boat bruched motors,like the MCD esc .But without the price at only 29.00$ at Tower Hobbies and waterproof you cant go wrong,even in tandem driveplants no glitching on either PPM or PCM modes,and my subs use hydraulic pumps all over and lots of wires ectra, no glitches! Has a built in fail safe as well,turn off the radio and the unit shuts power off to the motor only ,and it will run the batterries right down to minimum voltage withuot shutting down the drive motor or radio.
I know its intended for 7.2 volts but it works just fine on a 12 volt drill motor drive thats in my U-32 and that pulls at least 40 amps at full thoughtle ,that I never use but it was tested at that power and did not over heat or glitch just smoth power forward and reverse.Reverse is smoth with plenty of power not as much as in forward but enough.
The scale operation is fabulose the prop barly torns and the power curve is totaly prdictable,they did a great job on this one.Just soulder the switch wires together and wire in your WTC main switch to the positive power wire of the ESC to turn on your reciever ect.

I like this one so much that all of my subs will have this esc .

Part nomber AQUM 7037
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Postby KevinMc » Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:26 am

Hi Dave,

Have you looked under the heatshrink? Heatshrink aside, that ESC looks remarkably like a Pro Boat, which has some quirks of its own that I didn't care for such as an automatically adjusting throttle setting. (I used a pair of Pro Boat ESCs in my OSCAR II for a while, I've since gone to MCDs, but I'm always on the lookout for something better.)
Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
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Postby aquadeep » Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:55 am

Hello Kevin

I have not yet had a chance to remove the heat shrink but I think it looks like a metal plate heat sink that wont let me see the circuits.

I have extensively used in the past the proboat blue ESC and like them for one large Alfa since the drive is geared down so much that a faster starting ESC can be used,but ill probably will change it over any way.

But these blue ones do work very well as pump controllers in my hydraulic systems,as in the dive planes retracting system on the XXI .

Adjusted to pump just enogh water to operate the planes slowly and scale like ,without the need for adjusting valves or presure regulators.

If you havent tryed it ,get two syringes of medium size and fuel tubbing,a gear pump like the ones I posted or whatever and fill one with water and run the pump.
Instant mini hydraulic system made for a few bucks that can operate in the water! at least the rams can,adapt the rams to your doors,scopes diveplanes ectra and you have a very scale like operating sub without spending a fortune and easy to repair.

Great looking Oscar II by the way,I havent started on my Scale Ships one yet but the Typhoon is almost ready for sea trials.

Dave Amur Ship Yard :D
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