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Post your favorite modeling 'tips' and 'tricks'


Postby DEEPDIVER » Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:41 pm

:D Check out the modifications I made to this sub that transformned it!

The stern has been modified to a Kort nozle made from PVC and seven bladed brass prop turned down to fit.2 brass bushings pivot the nozzle.



The insides are the most interesting .I wanted a long running fast manueverable easy to maintain and and easy to open sub.First the pressure hull is replaced with a GSI outdoor watertight Lexan box,made well and is made out of a Lexan that is able to drill larger diamiters witout cracking.Has two locking clamps.Use theses and Otter boxes to make many sizes of WTCS!
The dimentions are 199x159x88mm and available at most outfitters shops like Brasingtons for 12.00 bucks Nice!Or go to GSIoutdoors .com
Then the batteries are installed ,4 1.2 12 volt bats run this sub at 3/4 speed for about an hour and 15 minutes! Not slow but fast and nimble including the static dive sytem.
The main drive is a watercooled 12 volt can motor with a Master Air Screw gear box of 3.0 to 1 ratio and a ball bearings sealed case,never had one fail. Then a blue waterproof speedcontroller does the rest with bec in use.The cooling is done by a pump head conected to the aft shaft of the motor conected to a legos 90 degree gear box,works well and is oiled.Then the antyfreez is pumped out of the WTC to the coil up front and is returned cooled ,asealed system.All atached parts to the WTC use silicone sealer adhisive.
The reason I do this is to increase run time and to make the motor last longer and works very well.
The ballast system also uses a wiper motor but is the kind not able to take apart,conected to another blue ESCR to reduce the pressure and to meter the amount of water without blowing any lines,and reduce power cunsumption.

Another important adition is a fuel filter installed to keep stuff out of the pump.This system uses no valves solenoids and will make this sub hover as if NAILED to the water and lands softly and ascends gradualy to the serface.
I have installed a 9 channel radio I know thats over kill but I like the failsafe options available on the computer radios.In case of signal loss ,dive planes full up,power to drive at 30 % ,kort nozzle to 25% left dive lights on and ballast pumped out.The radio is a Hitch Hiker 32 channel robotic serface Futaba 9CAP. But a minimum of 4 channels is all you need.I have had her to 28 ft at the den and no leaks!
Captains I tell you this sub is fast ,nimble able to turn on its axis just about even in reverse!Is stable at high speeds and is a good looking craft. The rear baterries dont fit unless the bottom hull is cut to fit them but its not noticable.Also I added a power panel with on switch ,led on indicator,charging jacks and later a water sensor with lights and digital voltage read out.Also the forward dive planes are replaced with a 1/72 Inflight F-16 model main wings.Cut them and fit and paint to your liking,and look fantastic!An easy way to make dive planes ect from model aircraft and even hydrodynamic.The aft fins dont move and are rudders from ships.
After all this time this sub can be built cheaply to perform with the big guys and what a sub!
ImagePlease if you have any questions about this build or any components let me know ,my ph is wrong on SCR ,should be 1352 351 2547 or E mail Thanks Dave

Updated Controls Elevons And Jet Drive

Postby DEEPDIVER » Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:54 pm

:lol: Hello I have just ran the new improved Deep Dive VI with a Graupner Jet Drive installed and directdrive 12 volt motor rated at 12,000 rpm.It turns out to be extreamly fast and turns on a dime but no reverse ,at least not yet.Slow speed is smooth and maneuvering sharply is easy and preciese especialy with the next improvement.

By adding another servo and seperating the front diveplanes control into two seperate planes and reprograming the Futabe 9 channel robotic radio to do 2 premix programs and a V tail program,gave the model a new totaly diferent handling personality that is akin to a fighter jet!

At high speed the sub use to bank in the oposite direction of turn ,not good ,now it banks perfectly at all speeds and even more predictably. A joy to FLY !!

I am considering building this sub in the improved vertion in any level one orders,Jet Drive or standard drive ect.Stay tuned Thanks Dave

Postby Captain Nemo12 » Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:14 pm

Nice mod!!

Perhaps this should've been posted at the RC-sub forum? I'm surprised nobody has replied to this yet.
280 meters.... and she's still in one piece!
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