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Rc Subs and Lego Technick roboticks - An inexpensive alternative

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Postby aquadeep » Sat May 06, 2006 12:29 pm

Hello everyone, its Crazy Ivan again or Dave Santivanez.I would like to pass along some very interesting new developments that I have come up with,actuly about 10 years ago I used some Lego technicks parts in my Typhoon, to open missle doors and mountings.Well since then and untill recently I have found a huge use for this system.There are U joints,shafts,cuoplers,gears of all sizes and types even 90 degree gearboxes,t gear box,worm gearbox,turntables,hinges,belt and chain drives.All done in abs precition made plastic. Compleatly inperviose to water rust heat,and can be glued with CA or just about anything else.Just desighne your mechanism and the wide range of components will find your solution.To drive the components in a sub iether a watter proof motor can be made or driven from within the pressure hull,at a scale operating speed.Standard motor reversing methods can be osed.I use a Vantek 32 ch radio along with MCD reversing relays one relay per motor,iether 6 or 12 volt.The prices for these Tecknik componets is very very reasonable on the web at and a nomber of other sites.The first one is truly great,a world wide ring of vendors,all seachable data base catalog,with pictures,part nombers,and who sells them at the best price.I have ordered at least 350.00$ dallars worth of these components and had great service!After all MIT Stanford,Yale and most engineering schools use Technicks as a teaching and in reaserch and development,there is even Robotic competitions world wide that use Teckniks.Some of the robots I have seen are ausume, and I thaught wow I can use this in subs! There is even pneumatics sytems available.I have used them and work great.The reason i baught so much was the fact that I have 8 subs to build and to fit out with every conseavable special efect to achieve the scale operations.Operating doors,periscopes,retractable planes,even operational thruster pods!Check it out its well worth it,now finaly a way to do what we like to in our subs.Crazy Ivan. Need more info please contact me at thanks
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Postby TennesseeJim » Sun May 07, 2006 10:55 am

Can you post any pictures showing your use in sub?

Also, I notice they have pneumatic components such as valves, tanks, cylinders and pumps.
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