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Weights - Homemade

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Postby Bigdave » Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:36 pm

Hey Guys,
We have not had any good tips up he in a LOOOOOONG while! ??? So I thought this one that I came across would be a good one. I saw it in of all places a model airplane magazine. This guy had a neat way of making his own lead weights. He used the red plastic inserts that come in the model airplane fuel jugs under the caps (but I have seen these in other containers as well). He mixed up 30-minute epoxy but I would use 1 HR for the subs and thinned it slightly with alcohol. He would fill the cap with the desired amount of lead shot and pour the epoxy mixture over the lead and mix. When this hardens you can pop the weight out of the cap easily, and you have your own homemade weight. You can stick it on with foam tape or RTV. A good idea would be to make them up in different weights and have them in your toolbox for trim adjustments.
I thought this was a very cool idea.
:cool: BD.
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