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V11C Retrofit - Alternative Ballast Control

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Postby Bigdave » Mon May 02, 2005 2:13 pm

This is an alternate way to do the ballast system without using an electronic S/W and vent valve. If you look at the photos they are self explanatory, but I will give a brief description of the system. It uses a servo, Schrader valve, and micro switch. You can see the ballast servo arm is positioned so it can push on the micro S/W one way, and the pin in the Schrader valve the other way. The micro S/W is connected to the pump, so the pump will run when it is pushed in. This fills the bladder with air and leaves a vacuum in the WTC. The Schrader valve is connected to the bladder with the blue tubing you can see in the photos. When it is pushed in it connects the bladder to the vacuum inside of the WTC, which will deflate the bladder. This is a less expensive system than the electronic S/W and valve, but it will work well. The electronic S/W just eliminates the mechanical servo operation, and does it electronically. So either way will work, pick the one that is easier for you. Thanks, Dave.
Photos by Steve Neill. Thanks, Steve.

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Postby U812 » Mon May 02, 2005 3:00 pm

And it works great. Ran the boat for over an hour yesterday and it was great. I'll post video later tonight. Both under water footage and on the surface diving.


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