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Stop wasting epoxy - How to preserve mixed epoxy

Post your favorite modeling 'tips' and 'tricks'

Postby 76-1048675655 » Thu Mar 27, 2003 10:18 am

For the ones who don't already know:

So, you mixed too much epoxy and in half an hour it's gonna cure? Don't waste it, put it in the freezer! Next time you'll need it (one day, one week or more), just allow it to thaw for a few minutes (at -18°C, it looks like it's become very hard)...
Obviously, it won't work with 5 min epoxy, but for the kind of stuff required to laminate glass fibers, this method is perfect.

Ah, yes, tell your wife about it or put a sticker on the container: "Danger, Epoxy Glue - This is not an ice cream!"...

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