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Stronger Aerial Outriggers for Revell GATO

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Stronger Aerial Outriggers for Revell GATO

Postby OldNoob » Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:21 pm

Sence at some point this is going to be an RC sub I felt a definate need to somehow strengthen the Aerial Outriggers , sence I had already broken them several times with my 5 thumb hands.
This seemed to work, find small sewing needles and cut them to the nessasary length. Heat the needle over a candle or other heat sourse untill very hot. (Using pliers of course) insert the needle along the aerial base melting its way smoothy into the sail. Let cool then take it out super glue it and reincert it. Sure up the needle along the top with glue. Sand, paint and WAALA you now have a much stronger aerial ready for cabling.
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