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DIY-Battery source.

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DIY-Battery source.

Postby Bigdave » Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:50 am

Let me start with.
Now that that is over!! Ha!! :roll:
Have you ever wanted a good source of cheap batteries for your models? :idea:
Well look no further than an old laptop battery pack.
Nine times out of ten when a laptop battery dies it is from one or more of the cells dropping out.
The protection system in the laptop will not know the difference and will not charge correctly. :cry:
If you take apart the battery pack and measure the cells you will normally find only one or two are bad.
The rest can usually be cycled back to a usable condition.
You will not get 100% out of them but as most lithium ion batteries are normally 2500-5000 MA you can get a good run time out of them.
The cells are rated at 3.7V just like the Lithium Poly cells but are a hard case battery.
Obviously working with batteries and battery packs requires you know something about them first. :?
So I don't recommend this for anybody that is clueless as to what I am talking about. :evil:
As the Mythbusters say, "Don't try this at home, we are professionals" :shock:
I will not get into what is involved in scrapping a battery for cells.
This is just to let you know they are out there, and a good source. BD.
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