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SOLD: Dutch Walrus Zeeleeuw by Anderson/Reichmuth/Oudmayer

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

SOLD: Dutch Walrus Zeeleeuw by Anderson/Reichmuth/Oudmayer

Postby flyingguy » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:09 pm

Here is an extraordinary 1/60th scale radio-controlled submarine, the Walrus (2)-class Zeeleeuw. It is one of three original epoxy-resin models made by Tom Anderson, Steve Reichmuth, and Will Oudmayer. Of the three models, this particular sub has the special exhaust structure on the conning tower. An excellent narrative and set of photographs detailing the construction and original operation of this very sub can be seen at the Dutch Submarines site: ... dmayer.htm . This particular model, again, is differentiated in the photos at the site by the snort exhaust diffuser trailing off of the upper back of the conning tower. Of note is the fact that the fairwater planes on the conning tower are fine-adjustable by a gear ratchet system inside (an uncommon attribute).

The sub is 46" in length, and 5.25" in beam. Its design and colors make it a beautiful thing to behold. Collectively, the builders of this model are known among the RC sub community as being among the best. Reichmuth, in particular, has built some of the most difficult-to-model subs anywhere, such as the Zeeleeuw, and I have been told that his work graces the Mare Island Naval Museum and other notable venues. Here is your opportunity to own one of his masterpieces. The attention to detail, from the hull shape, to the conning tower, to the unique X-rudder, to the deck hardware, to the paint, to the brass prop, to the tail-mounted working nav lamp, is simply extraordinary.

The boat is painted in its true colors - the deck is flat black whilst the sail is grimy black, and the deck to waterline is dark blue. From the waterline down, the sub is again grimy black. Subtle yet beautiful. The X tail has the towed array boom on the port side, exactly as the actual Zeeleeuw. The craftsmanship of the watertight container and ballast tank system is excellent. The sub only needs a few finishing touches before she is ready to sail.

What's included:
1. The original Anderson/Reichmuth/Oudmayer-built Zeeleeuw hull in two halves.
2. A custom-built stand with engraved brass plate.
3. Periscope, radio tower, and Dutch flag.
4. The original Anderson/Reichmuth/Oudmayer watertight container for the electrics, along with the diving control system (copper ballast tank, valve, linkages, servo).
5. Subtech X-tail control mixer.
6. Subtech APC-4 automatic pitch controller.
7. Subtech Subsafe missing pulse failsafe.
8. Thor D ESC electronic speed controller.
9. Two Futaba S3004 servos with control rods and custom linkage blocks to control X tail system.
10. Pittman 540 heavy-duty 12VDC motor and matched 3:1 gearbox with pulley and drive belt.
11. Drive shaft with brass prop (must trim to size).
12. Submersible high-gain antenna to attach to your receiver.
13. Three bottles of touch-up paint to cover a couple of minor edge nicks.
14. Misc spares, fittings, and ballast foam.
15. Notes on construction from original builders and others.

What's needed to get her ready to sail:
1. Trim the prop shaft to length (all parts included).
2. Fabricate X-tail linkages from included rod stock (directions included) and install/adjust.
3. Adjust the ballast/balance using blue foam (done in the bathtub).
4. Provide a few small brass screws to secure the hull sections.
5. Hook up all of the electronics.

The rig does not include a receiver, but I will include, at no charge, a Multiplex MM 2.0 transmitter (75MHz) that was converted for surface use by Multiplex. It will control 7 models. Complete with manual, 2 batteries, and an array of crystals. The batteries require an external charger, like the Hobbico Accucycle, etc. I'll also include, at no charge, a 12VDC gel cell (condition unknown), and a full can of Propel to charge the ballast tank.

I urge you, again, to go to: ... dmayer.htm to see the unique nature of this hand-crafted piece, as well as to see photos of the breathtaking paint scheme on the water.

Shipping: This is a museum-class model and will require extensive packaging to ensure safe delivery. I will probably ship it in three packages.

Asking $1000 ...make offers, please. shipping will probably be around $80. Local pickup is available in Northwestern Connecticut.... especially make an offer if you can manage a rendezvous in the CT/MA/NY area.

I have a boatload of photos .. PM your email address to me and I will send them out.



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Postby bharris » Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:49 pm

Check your PM box for picture request and offer.
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Postby flyingguy » Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:47 am

My RC Models: USS Skipjack, Dutch Zeeleeuw #2.
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