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New Vendor Forum created all vendors and members please read

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

New Vendor Forum created all vendors and members please read

Postby Myles Yancey » Sun May 24, 2009 1:34 pm

The new forum for vendors has been created so that the vendor may discuss the pros and cons of their products.
This forum will also allow the vendor to better focus their product messages to the SC community

The new product forum is just to anounce that there is a new product coming out or is out and nothing else.

The Vender Specific forum

1) I have reached the conclusion that the SubCommittee needs to
have a vendor-specific forum.

2) All existing rules for post on the SC forums will also apply.

The Terms By The American Heritage Dictionary

1A) One that sells or vends
1B) peddler or salesmen
2A) a vending machine

Vend V, vended, vending, vends
1) To sell.
2) To offer (an idea, for example) for public consideration.
A) To sell goods
B) To sell be means of vending machine.
C) To have a market

The Rules for the vendor-specific forum are as follows
A) One for each vendor who wishes to sign up for it.

B) Vendors needs to ask for their own individual forum.

C) If someone who is selling product pushes their product
outside of their vendor forum, the content will be removed.

D) Not asking for a vendor forum doesn’t absolve a vendor from
these rules.

E) The Vendors are responseable for monitoring and mediateing
there specific forums and makings sure that all the rules for
posting on the SC website are being followed there will be no

F) Vendors before posting in the new vendor section or aplying
to use this forum please read all existing posting rules and the
above new ones

This simply means they must be a vendor and must sign up and use this forum to push their products and no amount of excuses will absolve them from breaking the rules.

Plaese contact Paul Crozier to sign up for this new forum.

Thank Again
Myles Yancey
If you are not part of the solution to a problem then say nothing at all
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