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SSN21 Plans - looking for Thor plans

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby FX Models » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:12 pm

Hi Matt, and others lurking...

I can say from my point of view that NO ONE has the right to tell you how to run your business,[which for some crazy reason needs re-explaining to OTHERS it seems!] and if you choose to keep personal work tied to a kit then that is your choice, and right.
For us, in FX Models, people have been calling forever, looking for just a 'little piece' of one of our finished models so they can finish off another model bought from others or built up from some kit. Or sometimes they want "just a hull doesnt have to be perfect...." Yeah believe it or not I get those calls. If I do something for them it is because I am genuinely interested in helping them or they have been kind and open to waiting if necessary for a production run on those particular parts. THOSE are the people I help. And they are wonderful. But there are those who feel as if they are OWED something from me when they have never bought anything and they have an attitude to go with it. I have taken a lot of grief over the years, and it is interesting how people somehow feel ENTITLED to some element of your own hard work. When I tell them we dont do things exactly THEIR way, they sometimes get belligerent and insulting. It is hard to understand again, this entitlement society but it HAS to stop. I handle it simply and directly. I am not afraid to tell them to go somewhere else and I tell them WHY: "You need to fix your attitude. I choose NOT to sell to you!". And that is fine. No one can force me to sell to anyone.

I am very surprised and saddened by Jonathan's responses and emails that you posted to be honest. He always seemed civil in his exchanges with me regarding our 1/48 Ohio. The hardest part to swallow here is that you actually offered a set of e-plans to the guy... And that wasnt GOOD enough. Instead he hurled whining ENTITLEMENT laced insults.

What happened to "its the thought that counts..." ?

Jonathan if you are still lurking on this board, I think you need to think hard about this and offer up one shiner of an apology to this group. It wont win your friends back but it will allow you to go away with a little more dignity.
It is really hard to admit you are wrong in front of a large community of peers I realize but YOU took it here and you were dead wrong in the way you handled this.
You tried to do DAMAGE to Matt without providing the backfill of truth regarding the full email exchange.
I dont think you counted on the fact that Matt might have saved them and post them in his defense.

Marc D'Antonio
FX Models

PS: We will NOT be re-tooling the 1/48 molds to pre-SSGN configuration for sale to the RC community.
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FX Models
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Postby Wheels » Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:30 pm

At this point we have decided that any further comment is pointless and we are locking this thread.

Jim Wheeler
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