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Thee VHS Videos   "Grey Wolves"

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby DrDave » Sun Mar 14, 2004 3:21 pm

I am selling some really nice VHS videos of German U boats There is a set of three videos.
Video 1. Type VIIc Uboats 1939 to 1941 This film which was shot by German cameramen during the war and narrated in English when videos were put together. Vivid Images of boats and the men that served on them

Video 2 Type IXb 1942 to 1943 U boats during the "Happy Time" U boat action in the Artic, Mediterranean, South Atlantic, North Atlantic, Shows Wolf Pack exploited, This video also shows the building of the U boat pens in France, Training new crews in the Baltic, "Milch Cow" operations, Japanes subs in St Nazaire REally great video footage

Video 3 Type XXI 1943 to 1945 Programs to increase production 27 typ VII a month as shown on the video in shipyards such as Blohm, and Voss yards. Shows adoption of Schnorkel device and the type XXI uboat The video ends with film of the one man "Biber" submarines a last ditch weapon

Thes videos are in MINT condition and were made int he UK with WWII footage made by the Germans . All the Videos come in Plastic cases and when put together on a shelf the Ends of the case spell out Grey Wolves and a picture of a U boat If you are seriously into Uboats these videos are it

I am asking 60.00 for the set and cannot break up the set shipping will be 5.00 US You may contact me at for any questions you may have I will accpet paypal, MO or personal check , but it will have to clear before I can ship Dr Dave
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