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For Sale:  OTW -  "X51" British Midget Submarine,

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby TKasinec » Sun Jan 04, 2004 9:54 pm

Dimensions: 1/12 Scale, Length 54", Beam 6.75", from keel bottom to top of deck is 9".

This is a complete Hull only kit with all the hull parts as produced by OTW, (including a 3" brass prop, 4mm prop shaft, stuffing box, heavy duty U-joint) and very detailed plan sheets.

This sub kit was started by its first owner with very little work done to it. Most of the lumber holes have been cut out (neatly) and a few hatches, deck fittings, etc. have been glued on. In addition, a very nice custom made wood stand is included with the boat.

The hull of this boat is very detailed with rivets and panel weld lines molded in. The boat is big and robust with plenty of room for any kind of WTC and ballast system you choose to build for it (WTC supports are factory built into the hull). To see pictures and a detailed description of this hull kit, go to OTW’s following web page address:

Hull Kit Price: $525.00, includes shipping within the 48 states.

Optional Motor available:
. Used Maxon motor with 6mm shaft. This motor will turn the prop 2800+ RPM, on direct drive, with only .1 Amp. draw on 12 volts. Maxon motors are made out of stainless steel with no venting holes. They look like they have been turned out of a solid block of stainless steel. These motors are made in Switzerland and are of very high quality and precision. They retail new for around $200.+ dollars. Used motor price: $75.00.

Please e-mail me, or call, with any questions you may have at: or (269) 323-3102 (Michigan)

Best Regards,
Tom Kasinec, SCM #1009
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