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Open letter to richard morgan of the UK

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby Glen Senkowski » Thu Sep 04, 2003 11:07 am

I understand that richard morgan has cheated people here as well. If any of you have been cheated by richard morgan, mr. owen, seacraft model builders, or naval mouldings, please contact me off board to join a growing committee working to put him behind bars. And now his latest letter and my reply:

Since you have done nothing but lie to me from the outset, I have absolutely no reason to believe a word out of you. Therefore, I am pressing on with the assumption that my two packages have been stolen, until such time as I receive them in the same condition that I sent them to you. Once received, assuming that ever happens, I will be pursuing you for the expenses I have incurred because of your fraud. YOU are responsible for the safe return of my packages, and I will hold you liable to the full extent of the law.

Further, if you have not been contacted by the Cambridge City Council, BTOpenworld, Yahoo, and the USPS, you will be shortly. I am currently holding off filing formal criminal charges with the Cambridgeshire Constabulary pending an independent assessment by a UK police officer acquaintance to tell me what my options are and to make sure that you don't disappear as you have in the past. I would also suggest that you come to a quick resolution with the other people and service providers cc'ed on this email.

p.s. I am posting this on your favorite internet forums along with your email and snail mail addresses so that all the people you have cheated in the past can drop by and say "Hi". There is no place in the international trading community for people the likes of you, and you will find that our collective tolerance is wearing thin.


richard morgan (dba Seacraft Modelbuilders and Naval Mouldings)
7 Shawley Road
PE28 - 5UH


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Your packages are on the way back to you as a 'return to sender' status with the carrier, this was done on Friday.
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