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For Sale - 2 X Subs

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby 116-1046261257 » Tue Aug 05, 2003 7:40 am

2 Subs for sale.
Engel Typhoon with TAES System, all motors, Speed Conts, Dive Unit,6 channel 40 Mhz R/C, Three quarters built. Just needs painting and scopes adding. $1200

OTW Type 7 WWII German U Boat. New In box. Hi Tech Super 7 R/C, OTW Dive Unit, Speed Conts, All Fittings, Etc. Project to big for us.$1500

Both prices are shipped.
Please email for more information.

Postby President » Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:49 pm

Folks....We have some doubts about Tugmaster authenticity, but we are trying to sort it out. Because of this I feel it necessary to advise you to be careful if you decide to deal with him.

Jim Wheeler :O
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Postby DaveMike1 » Sat Aug 09, 2003 1:25 am

I agree Jim,

Sounds like a "Morgan" thing again huh?
Not blaming all "Brits", but if this is him he just weasled out of a jail term for fraud and right back to it again.

Truely a "Buyer Beware". ???

Mike Day
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Postby tanktracks » Sun Aug 10, 2003 10:39 pm

Easy to find out , just ask for some pics. My bet is you won't get any or someone else's. If it's morgan he's got a lot of b-lls coming here again. What goes around ,comes around -eventually. All I can say about morgan is he better keep looking over his shoulder.................. :angry:
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