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FS Submarine books - US, IJN, RN, German U-boats

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby kinsch » Sat Jun 21, 2003 7:15 pm

Selling some of my sub books. If interested in anything then email me at


War in the Boats, (US subs) Capt. William J Ruhe
War Fish, George Grider (US subs)
The Silent Service (US Subs Pacific), William C. Chambliss
Pig Boats, (US Subs) Theodore Roscoe
Clear the Bridge (US Sub - USS Tang), Richard H. O'Kane
Guerrilla Submarines, (US subs in Pacific) Ed. Dissette & H.C. Adamson
Silent Victory, Clay Blair Jr. (1072 pages)
Combat Patrol (US Subs in Pacific), Clay Blair Jr.
Take Her Deep, (US Subs) Adm I. J. Galantin
Submarine, Capt Ed Beach
Bowfin, (US Sub), E. Hoyt
USS Bowfin pamphlet (Pearl Harbor)
Submarine Warriors, Edwyn Gray
Run Silent, Run Deep, Cmdr Edward L. Beach (NOVEL)
Nautilus 90 North (sub), by Cmdr William R. Anderson
Killer Subs, ed. Phil Hirsch
Dive Dive, Stan Smith (US Subs)
Around the World Submerged (USS Triton), Capt Ed Beach
Sink’em All, V. Adm Charles Lockwood
Hellcats of the Sea, Charles Lockwood
Wahoo, R. Adm Richard O’Kane
Batfish (USS Batfish), Hughston Lowder/Jack Scott

The Ship With Two Captains (HMS Seraph), Terence Robertson
The Hunting Submarine (HMS Tally-Ho), Ian Trenowden
One of our Submarines (Brit Sub), Ed Young
Silent Marauders, (British Subs in WWII), Graeme Cook
Submarine Commander, (Brit Sub) Adm Bryant
U-Boat Killer, Donald MacIntyre
Unbroken, Alastair Mars
The Waiting Game, Alexander Fullerton (fiction)

U-Boats in Action (Squadron Warships #1)
Black Saturday, Alexander McKee (sinking of Royal Oak by U47)
Das Boot (The Boat), Lothar-Gunther Buchheim (NOVEL)
Sharks and Little Fish, Wolfgang Otto (NOVEL)
U-boats at War. Harold Busch
The Sea Wolves, Wolfgang Frank
Iron Coffins, (U boat) Herbert A. Werner
The Golden Horseshoe (U99), Terence Robertson
Grey Wolf, Grey Sea (U124), E.B. Gasaway
Deadly Seas, (St Croix vs U305) Burcusun
U505, Daniel Gallery
U505 Victory, Lawrence Costes
U-Boat 977, Heinz Schaeffer
Hitler's Navel War by Cajus Bekker
The German Navy in WWII, Ed Von Der Porten
Kriegsmarine, Robert Stern
Donitz and the Wolf Packs, Bernard Edwards
Memoirs, Ten Years and Twenty Days, by Karl Doenitz
The Hunters and the Hunted, (U-Boats), Jochen Brehnecke
Hitler's U-Boat War, The Hunters 1939-42, Clay Blair Jr. (809 pages)
Hitler’s U-boar War, The Hunted, 1942-45, Clay Blair Jr. (909 pages)
Black May (U-boat war May 1943), Michael Gannon
Night of the U-Boats, Paul Lund and Harry Ludlam
Lone Wolf (U515), Life and Death of U-Boat Ace, Werner Henke, by Timothy Mulligan
The Laconia Affair, Leonce Peillard (U156).
Three before Breakfast, Alan Cole (U9-WWI)
Night Raider Of The Atlantic (U-99), Terence Robertson
Kriegsmarine, Robert C. Stern (Pictorial History 1939-45)
The Warring Seas, A.V. Sellwood (Lt. Cdr Hein Fehler – U234)
Murphy's War, Max Catto (NOVEL/movie)
U-Boat War, Lothar-Gunther Buchheim

Suicide Subs, Yukaka Yokota/J. Harrington
Kaiten Weapon, Yutaka Yokota

Murphy's War, Max Catto (NOVEL/movie)
The BlueJacket’s Manual, 1944
The Long Haul, D.A. Rayner (Fiction, U-boat vs Destroyer)
The Midget Raiders (Midget Subs), Warren Benson
Submarines, Carey Miller
Submarine Warriors, Edwyn Gray
Subs and Submariners, Arch Whitehouse
Through a Canadian Periscope, J. Ferguson

Ballantine's Illustrated Battle Book
#31 Zeebrugge

Ballantine's Illustrated Weapons Book
#1 U-Boats
#5 German Secret Weapons
#23 Hitler's High Seas Fleet
#33 Japanese High Seas Fleet
#42 Midget Submarines

Three Before Breakfast (U9), Alan Coles
The Day They Sank The Lusitania, Donald Chidsey
The Last Voyage of the Lusitania, Hoehling
The Killing Time, German U-Boats 1914-1918, Edwyn Gray
Zeebrugge (U-boat base raid), Barrie Pitt
The K Boats, Don Everitt (Brit Subs)

Vom Original zum Modell (Bernard & Graefe Verlag)
(German language – pictures and plans)

Uboottyp VIIC, Fritz Kohl and Axel Niestle
Uboottyp IXC, Fritz Kohl and Axel Niestle
Uboottyp XXI, Fritz Kohl
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