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FS US Navy Books - WWII, Pacific War

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby kinsch » Fri May 09, 2003 12:13 am

Selling some of my Naval books. If interested in anything then email me at

For a list of my submarine books email me.

US Navy (WWII):
The BlueJacket's Manual, 1944 (blue hardcover)
US Navy & Japanese Combat Planes, Ed. By Joe Christy
The Little Ships, Gordon Holman
The Big E (USS Enterprise), Edward Stafford
Fighting Ships (USN), Arch Whitehouse
Adm.Arleigh (31 Knot) Burke, Jones & Kelley
Queen of the Flat Tops ( Lexington), Stanley Johnston
Aircraft Carrier (Yorktown), J Bryan III
Battle of the Torpedo Boats, Bryan Cooper
The Franklin Comes Home, A.A. Hoehling
Abandon Ship, USS Indianapolis, R. Newcomb
Tin Cans (US Destroyers), Theodore Roscoe
PT 109 (JFK), R Donovan
Away all Boats, Kenneth Dodson (NOVEL)
South Pacific Fury, James MacDonald (NOVEL)
Combat Command (Pacific campaign), Fred Sherman
Pacific War Diary 1942-45, James J. Fahey
The Two-Ocean War, (history of USN in WWII), Sam Morison
The Destroyermen (US Destroyers), by Stan Smith
We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing, James Whittaker (sea rescue)
No Higher Honor, Jeff Nesmith (USS Yorktown at Midway)
Navy Diver, Joseph Karneke
Left To Die (USS Juneau), Dan Kurzman
Little Ship, Big War (saga of DE343), Ed Stafford
The Cactus Airforce (Guadalcanal), T. Miller
Adm.Arleigh (31 Knot) Burke, Jones & Kelley
The Lexington Goes Down, A.A. Hoehling
The Dim View, Basil Heather (PT boat)
The "Seven" Navy Subchaser, William Syers (fiction)
The Two-Ocean War, (history of USN in WWII), Sam Morison
We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing, James Whittaker (sea rescue)
Men of the Gambier Bay, Ed Hoyt
Greatest Fighter Missions, (USN & Marine), Edward Sims
H#ll in the Heavens, Capt. John Foster, USMCR (South Pacific)
Golden Wings (Pictorial history of USN and Marine Corp in the Air), Martin Caidin
Philipine Diary 1939-1945, Brig. Gen. Steve Mellnik
They Call it Pacific, by Clark Lee
East Wind Rain, Stan Cohen (Pearl Harbor in pictures)
Dawn Command (Air War against Japs), Roland Jordan
The Last Tallyho, Richard Hewhafer (naval fighter pilots - novel)
Above and Beyond, Wilbur Morrison (Pacific Air War)
At Dawn We Slept, Prange
Combat-Pacific Theater WWII, ed Don Congdon
Day of Infamy, W. Lord
Decision at Leyte, S. Falk
Battle of Leyte Gulf, Adrian Stewart
The Battle For Leyte Gulf, C. Vann Woodward
Blue Sky and Blood, (The Battle of Coral Sea) Ed Hoyt
The Battle of Midway, Ira Peck
Midway, Don Sanford
Midway, Incredible Victory, Walter Lord
The Mosquito Fleet, Bern Keating

Air Rescue, C. Glines & W. Moseley
Aircraft Carriers (an illustrated encyclopedia), Roger Chesneau
The Soviet Navy, Jurg Meister
We Seven, by the seven Mercury astronauts
H#ll or High Water, (Inchon), Walt Sheldon
Last Voyage of the USS Pueblo,
The Pueblo Surrender, Robert Liston
The Long Haul, D.A. Rayner (Fiction, U-boat vs Destroyer)
Mister Roberts (fiction/movie), Thomas Heggen
Enemy in Sight (fiction) J.E. MacDonnell

Ballantine's Illustrated Battle Book
#10 Pearl Harbour
#11 Leyte Gulf
#20 Midway

Ballantine's Illustrated Weapons Book
#3 Aircraft Carrier
#22 Suicide Weapon

Aircraft #32 F-14
…And Kill MiGs, Lou Drendel
Hornet, Lou Drendel

Aero Aircraft Series:
Supplement to Grumman TBF/TBM "Avenger"
# 11 F4U Corsair
#23 TBD-1 Devastator

Warbirds Illustrated:
#34 US Naval and Marine Aircraft Today

Warships Illustrated:
#8 The World's Aircraft Carriers 1914-1945
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