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1/32 Nautilus hulls for sale - I need the room in my garage!!!

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Postby Bob the Builder » Thu Apr 24, 2003 11:25 am

I'm moving at the end of June and need to get rid of 3 of my first trial castings from my new molds.

All castings are 1/32 scale and about 62" long. All details are modelled including breather grating, skiff grating, a billion rivets (or so), and hull plating. The castings consist of white gelcoat over polyester resin and glass. The top sections are layed up nice and light for RC. The bottoms are a bit more sturdy with solid resin keels. Hulls are split at the center of the side keels. Some grinding will be necessary for mating the upper and lower halves.

Casting #1: has about 6 places where the gelcoat wrinkled over small air bubbles in the fibreglass. Lends a nice "beat up" look to the model. Integrity is not comprimized in the least and wrinkles are strictly cosmetic. Asking $300US

Casting #2: has some resin that got in under the gelcoat creating a small ridge that will need to be sanded down along the rear decking next to the skiff. Other than that, the model is in excellent shape. Asking $350US

Casting #3: turned out very well. 2 or 3 small "dents" in the gelcoat. I would have used this one for myself, but another casting turned out just slightly better. Asking $500US.

Shipping for these models runs about $75US via FedEx ground. Insurance would be extra. I have pics detailing exactly what I've described above for anyone who's interested.

E-mail me at for complete details and to request the pictures. Be sure to let me know which one you're interested in.


Bob Martin,
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