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FOR SALE: 1/48 Type XXI - SOLD

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FOR SALE: 1/48 Type XXI - SOLD

Postby PaulC » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:57 pm

For sale is a War Fish Models 1/48 scale Type XXI u-boat kit. It consists of upper and lower hull halves and conning tower in epoxy, and a resin appendage set. Length is 62.9", beam is 5.41".

The resin parts include:

Propeller shaft stabilizer fins with oilite bearings molded in (2)
Stern planes (2)
Stern plane center pivot
Bow planes (2)
Bow planes control deck
Rudder control deck
Rudder linkage hull fairings (2)
WTC saddles
Thrust shaft bearing bulkhead
Towing deadeyes (2)
Search scope housing
Search periscope head
Attack periscope head
Anchor well cover

This kit does not include conning tower gun turrets. They are available from Precision Pattern.

The hull is the final layup from the War Fish Models run of this kit and turned out very nice. The hull halves mate up beautifully.

Price: $300 plus shipping.


Warm regards,

Paul Crozier
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