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Selling my Revell Gato project

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

Selling my Revell Gato project

Postby Steve2381 » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:00 pm

I am never going to finish it!…. So its got to go.

Revell 1:72 scale US Navy Gato-class submarine kit. Partially assembled.
Conning tower is together and the deck guns have been built with fibre optic cable inside the barrels so that they could flash using leds.
All the parts are there and still on the sprigs. Decals are still bagged.
The hull has been cut to allow a WTC to fit inside.
The rudder and rear planes have been fitted and are ready to connect to your servo system.
The front planes are also fitted with tilt and retract mechanisms. Just connect to servos and you are away.
Most of the work done so far on the hull was re-shaping and converting the front 6 torpedo tubes to their correct shape and then making them open/close on a servo.
99% of the work on those as been done (I did post about this conversion last year)

I made my own clear WTC which is included, but you probably will want to either redesign or bin it.
There are 4 sections (Pump room, radio room, ballast tank and engine room). However on further consideration, I think making these sections separately has made for more work when it comes to wiring etc.
I am sure you could convert them however to whatever system you want to use.
There is a fairly intricate brass frame inside the radio and pump room.

The pump room houses a blood pressure air pump that works well. It runs on 6v.
Also included is the spare, but handy 6v air valve that came in the blood pressure unit too.

I am also selling my brilliant Robbe Futaba F-14 Navy dual throttle RC controller in perfect condition (40hmz) and its 8 channel receiver.(currently fitted inside the WTC)
Fitted into that is a Robbe Multiprop 8039 4+4 control package, giving you 4x extra sets of 3 position switches, and 4x rotary servo controls.

There is also the Robbe Multiprop 8042 decoder to match (currently fitted inside the WTC)
I also have a couple of odd Robbe relay boards that I will throw in. They don’t work directly off the receiver, so I am not sure how they work.

There are 4x mini servos fitted inside the WTC. These could be removed and re-used.

There is a 4700mAh 7.2v NiMh battery pack fitted inside the WTC (never used or charged)
I also have a brand new, never used or charged 4.2v receiver rechargeable battery pack

Also supplied are 2x never used MFA 457RE385 motors. 6-15V
A brand new Graupner V15R electronic Speed controller
A pair of expensive brass propellers (Right and left handed) I believe they are 35mm diameter.

4x High quality universal joints - new
1x 6mm brass bell detail - new
A few packs of battery connectors etc - new
4x MFA 914mm control cables in sleeves - new
2x Packs of MFA motor suppressor capacitors - new
Standard battery box and switch loom
5x Concertina style servo rod waterproofing boots

Please make an offer. The radio gear alone must be worth a good few hundred.
I dread to think what I actually spent in plastic tubes, brass etc!

May split the RC gear if it doesn't sell.

Email for any more information.

Postage to be sorted out, but its quite big so I would imagine at least £12-15 + insurance.

Thanks guys






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Re: Selling my Revell Gato project

Postby japsubshunter » Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:11 am

Howdy - I would be interested to know how you rigged the guns for the LEDS.

I am Herman Moore from Cape Town South Africa
I bought a Revell Gato for my Grandson and being new to this Hobby have been trying to get it all done for him by Xmas and been trolling the Internet to find info to make it really amazing for him.
Seeing this article of the really astounding amount of work you have done to this Submarine I thought that you would be the best person to ask about the Gun/LED conversion.

If you can share some of the knowledge on this modification I would be really appreciative.

Best regards

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