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For Sale: 1/50 Engel Gato

Have any sub 'stuff' to sell or trade?

For Sale: 1/50 Engel Gato

Postby Mickster » Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:16 pm

FOR SALE: GATO SS212 with Diving System TAE

She is mostly built as far as the inside goes. The deck, tower and all the extras are not started. I have done a neat job on installing all. All you will need is Rx and Tx. Stand not included. I am sure many questions so I will be short and get the ball rolling.

Please see the Engel web site for more info:

I am asking $1800 or best offer. Will split shipping with you.
Thank you for looking

email with questions.

GATO SS212 Model Submarine
Scale 1/50
The Gato class was one of the most innovative weapon systems of the U.S. Navy during World War II.

The SS212 was one of three submarines of this class that were to be built by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, CT.

The model features clearly defined vent holes, minute deck fittings, including radar scanners, periscopes, anchor, handrails and guns. The conning tower as well as many of the fittings and all guns are cast in resin. The minute details of the model and its awesome 6 ½ foot length are more than impressive …

The GATO will run smoothly surfaced, dive to a depth of up to six feet and run submerged just inches below the surface. It is powered by two electric motors, which propel twin brass propellers. At its heart is a reduction gear system, which delivers power from the motors to the propellers so efficiently, there is no excessive strain on the motors, no rapid depletion of the motor battery, thus, reaching a running time of up to 2 hours.

The hull unit and the pressure proof compartment are all made of glass fibre. The pressure proof compartment is reinforced by steel inlays and is glued into the lower hull with the Polyester laminating resin and the Micro-Balloons supplied with the kit.

Kit includes:
• Lower hull, upper hull, bulkhead and pressure proof compartment made of glass fibre
• Conning tower cast in resin
• Rudder and dive planes cast in resin
• Complete set of fittings cast in resin (very detailed!)
• 2 drive motors with gear box
• Props, prop shafts and couplings made of brass
• All necessary accessories (such as links, screws etc.
• Ballast (approx 3.5 kg)
• Instructions and plans, 2 sheets fully detailed and drawn 1:1, as well as additional drawings in 3-D
• Complete diving system with 2 Piston Tanks 750ml and switch unit TAE2 or Tmax
The standard TAE version of the kit also includes the complete diving system consisting of two Piston Tanks with 750 ml each and electric switch unit TAE2 with AutoStop and AutoTrim. AutoStop means, that the pumps stop automatically as soon as the tanks are fully emptied or filled. AutoTrim means, that the model can also be trimmed manually via the AutoTrim feature, which allows you to bring the model into a state of perfect buoyancy (at about 85% piston tank volume).
Dive system Tmax offers a maximum of features for controlling Piston Tanks. In addition to AutoStop and AutoTrim this system allows for proportional fine as well as bow/aft heavy trim of the boat.
All switch units, regardless of system type, are pre-soldered and ready-to-run. All diving systems including the ballast tanks and the switch units have passed rigorous quality and functional checks.

Technical Data:
• Scale 1/48 – 1/50
• Length 1980 mm (78")
• Width 170 mm (6.7")
• Displacement emerged 16 kg submerged 17,5 kg
• Sped approx. 5,5 km/h (3,5 mph)

Products I also got for this kit and are included with it:
1 Gato SS212 Kit with TAE dive system Cost: 836.13 €
Installed: 1 Pitch and Depth Controller LTR5.3 Cost: 158.82 €
Installed: 1 Static Depth Controller TAES for TAE and Tmax Cost: 74.79 €
Installed: 1 Retract Mechanism for front diving planes Cost: 191.43 €
Installed: 1 Magnetic On-/Off-Switch 6V/16Amp for Receiver/servo power Cost: 33,45 €
Installed: 1 Magnetic On-/Off-Switch 6V/2Amp for sub motors etc. Cost: 17 €
1 Magnet for both magnetic On-/Off-Switch Cost: 3,18 €
Installed: 2 Rokraft 120 µP 6-12V Cost: 125,04 €
1 Electronic Control Unit RMR for Dive Plane Retract Mechanism Cost: 39,92 € Replaced with new 4 Channel Electric Switch Module MINI Cost: 16.64 €
Installed: 2 Futaba Servos & 1 Digital Graupner 7946 BB MG Servo Cost: 80 €
Even the batteries and chargers come with.
I made a ¼” p-glass cover for the WTC so you can see inside.

Necessary but not included:
• R/C system: 6-8 channels depending on how you want to do things.
The work completed is accurate, neat and true. No problems. I have invested about $2500 and many hours building her to this stage. I also will include all the documentation for all the items.
This is a great kit with a huge presence and is in need of someone to finish her off and take it to the water. Shipping will be in a wooden box with foam formed around the hull.

Please email with any questions.

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Re: For Sale: 1/50 Engel Gato

Postby crowman17 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:35 am

Is the sub still for sale?

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Re: For Sale: 1/50 Engel Gato

Postby TMSmalley » Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:33 pm

I notice he says "Please email with any questions."
Tim Smalley
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