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The New Revell Skipjack- D&E Fittings Kit & SUB-DRIVER

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The New Revell Skipjack- D&E Fittings Kit & SUB-DRIV

Postby kazzer » Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:04 pm

Now in stock!!!

SD125SK KIT Sub-driver 1.25 Revell Skipjack 1 motor 59.95


RVSKF Revell Skipjack Fittings Kit 59.95

The Revel Skipjack Electronics Kit order separately
BT50 2 x Micro Servos @ $8 each
ESCMN 1 x Nano Speed Controller $29.00
AK1 1 x ADF Pitch Controller and Failsafe $79.00
SL675 1 x Nano Radio Receiver 75mhz with crystal $38.00
KSE002-LPG 1 x LiPo Guard Battery Saver $49.95
V800 1 x 800 Mah LiPo Battery $18.00
VC1 1 x Battery Charger For 7.2V Batteries $23.00

PM me to order, product should be for sale at shortly.

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