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New Switch for Air Compressors.

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New Switch for Air Compressors.

Postby kazzer » Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:30 am


From the Kevin McLeod stable (KMC Designs), made in Canada, we now have a custom built switch to control our Low Pressure Blowers or Air Pumps.

No room for a Snort pump and the module to control it in that 2”
Sub-driver™? The space-saving Mini Pump Controller (MPC) mounts
directly to the back of a mini Snort pump allowing you to save precious
WTC volume and simplify installation. Just plug the MPC into your
receiver and wire the pump power lead to your 6V to 12V battery and
you’re ready to blow! The MPC also features optical isolation and on-board
filtering to keep noisy motor currents from returning through your receiver
and interfering with your signal. In the event of lost radio reception the
MPC will automatically remove power from the motor and fail-safe to an
OFF state.

Here is the LPB without the MPC switch.
The switch will be marketed separately, or in a kit with the LPB pump and 4' of tubing.

More on the LPB

The combination of switch and incredibly small compressor make this the perfect system for those 1:144 scale models. If you intend operating your model in a pool, or where recovery is easy, then there is no need for complicated RCABS or gas, as a fail-safe system is overkill.
This neat LPB will pump water just as well as it pumps air, so if you submerge below snorkel tip, then it will simply pump water into the ballast tank instead of air, so the balance won't be altered.

Trim the boat to have the sail just peeking above the waterline with a full ballast tank, then the boat will surface to that position from a deeper dive.

Normal diving will be at snorkel level, but deeper diving will be made by adjusting the planes when in motion.

You may well find that forward plane control is totally unnecessary.

Product will be posted to the Caswell web page shortly.
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