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German XXIII Sited on USA shores

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German XXIII Sited on USA shores

Postby kazzer » Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:05 am

German Type XXIII U Boat

Another revamped Darnell mold produces this ever popular model. Great care in lay-up makes this a first class model.

Scale: 1 to 32
Hull: 42.75 inch
Beam: 4.75 inch
Draft: Height 11 inch


The type XXIII were designed and ordered in 1943 as small twin (superimposed) hull vessel for coastal waters operations. The larger diameter upper hull contained the crews quarters, engines and torpedo tubes. The smaller lower hull contained some of the fuel, stores and batteries, hull was of streamlined design and built in four large pre-fabricated sections, these were then transported to and assembled on the shipyard slip-ways.

These small craft had quite a handy performance, surfaced range at 6 knots was 4,400 nm, high submerged speed was 12.5 knots with a submerged endurance at 10 knots of over 4 hrs, likewise at 4 knots she could keep down for over 2 days. Maximum submerged depth was 500 ft and crash dive time was under 9 seconds, a at sea endurance of nearly 40 days.

Although over 200 were ordered, only 62 were commissioned into service, not many actually survived the war, most falling victim to bombing raids and being scuttled by their crews a end of hostilities, some were taken into service with allied nations after the war, two were salvaged in 1956 and saw service for some years in the navy of the FRG.


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