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P Class British Submarine Launched

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P Class British Submarine Launched

Postby kazzer » Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:56 pm

Royal Navy P Class Submarine


This was the first major class of submarine to be built for the Royal Navy after WWII. The boats were originally a development of the late WWII "A Class" (an improved development of the "T Class"). However during construction they were substantially remodelled in structure and outline from these earlier classes, the end result being what we would all think to be the first of the modern design looking submarines.

These boats were ordered in the early fifties and commenced in 1954, however owing to the redesign work delivery was eventually commenced in 1958.

These were for their time large vessels displacing over 2,000 tons, surface speed was 12 knots, submerged 17 knots, range was about 9,000 nm @ 12 knots. They were fitted with six bow tubes, two stern tubes and thirty reloads. complement was 71 men and officers.

From this class onwards deck guns were no longer mounted on Royal Navy submarines, however many, to this day, still carry a deck gun in kit form with portable mountings which is stowed in the hull.

This class was the first to incorporate the ‘Snort’ underwater breathing system, the "PORPOISE" and later ‘Oberon’ classes were probably the most efficient conventional powered submarines in the world in their day. They were noted for their near silent running and a maximum diving depth of over 1,000 ft. was possible.

Ships in the class were built 1954 to 1960 and names were:-

* Porpoise
* Cachalot
* Finwhale.
* Grampus.
* Narwhale.
* Rorqual.
* Sealion.
* Walrus.

Scale = 1 to 50
* Model Length = 55 3/4"
* Hull Beam = 5 13/4"
* Height = 11".

Soon to be available at
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