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OTW 1/32nd scale British "S" Class submarine kit

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OTW 1/32nd scale British "S" Class submarine kit

Postby S Class » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:40 am

OTW are pleased to announce what we believe is the most accurate WW2 British “S”class submarine kit available in the world today. This kit can be built to museum quality and took 7 years to develop. It took nearly 3 years to obtain the actual shipyard drawings from Vickers and Cammel Lairds before we started building the patterns for the hull and conning tower. Our kits have often been compared with others on the market. For example the now defunct 32nd Parallel Type VII was compared with our interpretation of the Type VII People quickly realised what they got in our kit and why it was a little more expensive. Accuracy and quality don’t come cheap. Our kit is 2008 cutting edge and unlike anything that has been produced in the past.

Our Basic kit is available now and includes the following:

Highly detailed hull (top and bottom) 82 inches long and 8.5 inches beam, casement, and conning tower all in glass reinforced plastic. A detailed brass photo-etched deck, that is second to none, over 78 inches long and also includes a Conning Tower floor, saddle tank hatches and Anchor chain locker at the forward end. Forward and rear dive planes with the stainless steel pivot rods pre- cast in them, a drop skeg, Main rudder and rear top plane guards together with all-brass pivot bushes. A set of drawings and a set of stainless steel templates to make the casement slots easier to cut out. ( we try to make it easy ) All this for just over $1150.00 US Plus P&P.

We will also have coming soon a detailed scale deck gun and the bandstand Oerlikon. A hatch set (that’s 13 in all for tower, torpedo, escape, etc. ) with the special internal dividing bulkhead panel for the bow together with periscope sheers for the tower. A running set with brass alloy cast “A” frame, scale propellers and stainless steel shafts.

If you would like further details or pictures please email for a service surpassing all others.
Bob Dimmack
S Class
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