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Postby kazzer » Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:34 am

The Ren-shape is now in stock. Its going to take a few days to get this all loaded to the Caswell web page, so, in the mean-time, if you want to order, just PM me please

Ren-weld 103 Adhesive for Ren-shape boards 1.25 pints $36.00
A faster setting general purpose adhesive designed for laminating many of the lower density Ren Shape Modeling and Tooling Boards.

Ren-Shape 440 Board 20" x 8" x 2" REN075235 $69.00
RenShape 440 Styling Board
RenShape 440 is a medium-low density polyurethane modeling and styling board. Used for master models, CNC styling models, prototypes, and visual models. RenShape 440 machines easily at fast cutting speeds, finishes to a good surface with excellent edge definition and produces very little tool wear.

Ren-Shape 5020 Board 24" x 8" x 2" REN0075175 $36.00
RenShape 5020 Polyurethane Foam Board
RenShape 5020 is our lowest density polyurethane foam styling board. This product is the most economical board in the RenShape line but still produces a good machined surface finish. RenShape 5020 also makes an excellent substructure for RenPaste Seamless Modeling Paste applications.

Freeman Release Agent Wax 1 qt REN055051 $24.95
This product is formulated and manufactured specifically for the effective release of urethanes, epoxies, or polyester resins. Because mold preparation is important, use Freeman Wood & Plaster Sealer on wood or plaster molds first.

Quik-Fil Brown REN053441 1 qt $23.00

Quik-Fil is a modeling board repair paste designed specifically for the repair, build-up and forming of fillets on medium-density modeling boards. It is similar in hardness to most 30-40 lb density boards and colored brown to match the most popular class of modeling boards. Quik-Fil also features excellent bonding properties with very little sag.

Each package of Quick-Fil includes hardener. The quart units include a 1 oz tube

Repro-83 REN053154 1 qt 39.00

Repro 83 is our most popular tooling urethane with a great balance of speed and accuracy. This castable polyurethane is used extensively in foundry and thermoforming applications, mold making, and in most general plastic casting applications. Offered in a choice of blue, gray, or white.

Repro 83 features:
- One to one mix ratio by weight or volume
- Very low shrinkage
- Low viscosity ensures easy pouring characteristics and excellent surface reproduction.
- Cures to durable 84 shore D hardness

60-90 Min. Demold
6-7 Min. Gel Time
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Postby kazzer » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:38 pm

Now available on line

overseas customers need to email us their address, so we calculate shipping costs - usually postal system.
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