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New Robotic 6 channel 2 stick radio on 75mgz Great For Subs

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New Robotic 6 channel 2 stick radio on 75mgz Great For Subs

Postby DEEPDIVER » Tue Jan 30, 2007 5:51 pm

Made for Robotics by Futaba so its a very good radio that has a host of softwaer that makes the 75 mgrz reciever do alot of very usefull things.
A premix program too any channel.
Digital servo travel or ATV.
Soft touch
digital trim and sub trim.
Audible beep on power and programing confirmaion.I dont know if it has low bat indication but probably does.
Digital end point adj. in percentages nice.
Interchangeable crystal port on back side of transmitter.
Digital slave any channel too channel.
Uses standard double a batteries or rechargables.
2 digital channels as 2 position switches or left center right.
2 fully gimbeled sticks and the neat part is that they can be slaved together as in dual tracks or speed controllers.
Check out the operating manual at VEX
All digital readout display,for voltage and easy programing,no modules to buy ,except the reciever and matching crystals.

This unit is made to be used with the VEX robotics microcontroler which is expensive.Retails for $129.00 and that is just for the transmitter with a reciever module that only can be used with the micrcontroller
I have found that after reseach that the F-14 reciever and cryistal works great with no problems! There might be another smaller reciever that might also work.
If you have a F-14 radio ,now you can use the reviever and this radio to make a realy nice and flexable radio at a much better price.

I am taking orders for this great radio fully tested and ready to go with a new F-14 futaba reciever , no servos or batery pack unless ordered seperatlyplus Shipping.For $200.00
Email me at for more info ,Thanks Dave :)


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