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electronics source

Postby Wayne Frey » Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:32 pm

Go to this website for combat robot parts and check out the cool things they have that will work for us!!!
I liked the sabertooth 2 10 that would be perfect for a dual screw boat. It can be set up to slow down the inside screw on turns atomatically, and is rated for 10 amps. Should be ample for our needs.
There are other items as well. A step type BEC that does not generate a lot of heat buildup as it converts voltage vs a linear system, and much more effecient.
I take no credit for this find. Our very own Gail Phillips out of the Sub Ron 5 Possum Works North Facilty in Houston uncovered it while working on his Warfish Type XXI wtc that is awsome. Pictures are added to the Sub Ron 5 link soon under Gail Phillip's builds.


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