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SubRegatta 2005 DVD - Shipping now!

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Postby TMSmalley » Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:58 pm

I figured I'd move this to new products so it didn't get buried so quickly in General Posts. I hope you guys will buy this DVD (no I don't get a commission :cool:) but if this is a service you like to have at SubRegattas, you need to purchase one to encourage talented guys like Ray Mason and Kerry Addington to do it.

It takes many many hours to shoot, log footage, write scripts, narrate and create the computer graphics special effects. They deserve to get paid for their effort. And as a guy who hires professional video shooters for my work - the video that Kerry (and previously Ray Mason) created is a $50,000 job....

SubRegatta 2005 DVD NOW AVAILABLE!

Just in time for the holidays!
The SubRegatta 2005 DVD has left the editing drydock and is ready to sail.

Total price including shipping (to anywhere on the globe) is $19.95 (prices subject to change so order now.)

To order, Please contact:
Kerry Addington
543 Ponds Pointe Drive
Carmel, IN 46032
Please make checks payable to: Kerry Addington

If you want to order a SubRegatta DVD using PayPal, the PayPal address is

Be sure to put in the "note" area of the send money page that this is for the SubRegatta DVD and YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.

To use PayPal...
Go to and click on "Send Money". Enter your account info or sign up for one if you aren't already a member. It take a couple of minutes, you need to give them checking account info so if you feel weird about doing that over the net - forget about PayPal and send Kerry a check.

After you send the money via PayPal, also send a regular email to Kerry at telling him that you have sent the $19.95 via PayPal for the SubRegatta and your name and mailing address. He will have already received a message from PayPal that you have sent the money.

...MORE ABOUT THE SubRegatta 2005 DVD

This DVD is a must for every guy that was at the SubRegatta this year and the ones who want to see what all the buzz is about this fantastic sub venue! Great soundtrack music, narrator, technical info sequences, etc, etc. He had big shoes to follow with Ray Mason's videos from past SubRegattas, but you won't be dissapppointed when you buy one for your RC sub library.


Kerry, just got your DVD-Excellent!!!!!!!! The Baton is passed. Ray Mason

"Kerry has done one fantastic job with this DVD, tying in the video to reference shots overlaid like you would see on the 6:00 news, and some of the best on the water and underwater video you'll ever see. Absolutely awesome! Well done, Kerry." Jim Butt

~ You'll laugh, you'll cry*, etc, etc...Two BIG Thumbs up! ~ "Long time SubCommittee member Mr. Addington is a professional video shooter/editor for an Indianapolis health care provider and the quality of the photography, underwater shots, background music, narration and special effects work really shows it." Tim Smalley

"I have to say that 'you done good, son'. What a fantastic piece of work!!! Beautifully shot, edited, narrated, everything. I loved it!!! I really enjoyed the section devoted to Chip (Meyer). He was a dear friend for many years and I treasure the times we spent together or beating each other up on the phone. Again, sincere thanks. Skip Asay

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Tim Smalley
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Postby TMSmalley » Mon Dec 19, 2005 4:56 pm

Another rave review for the SubRegatta 2005 DVD - this time from Jeff Porteus.

Tim & Kerry (et al),

I've just gotta tell you guys how absolutely bowled over I was by the quality of your Regatta DVD -- totally amazing! The wipes, effects, music, writing, editing -- all top-notch and, it strikes me, truly of broadcast quality (which I do understand was no accident). I just want to thank you for doing such a bow-to-stern wonderful job; it makes me proud of our hobby in general and so proud to be a SubCommittee member in particular. Keep up the great
work, and may the Regatta ultimately be held in Carmel again next year. (And may I finally be on hand to witness it in person this time too!)

Bravo Zulu,
Jeff Porteous

P.S. Sure is a blast to show the thing off to friends and family!

P.P.S. You "had" me totally by that first "JAG"-type on-screen caption effect. Positively brilliant -- and such FUN!

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