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Postby D Manley » Wed Jul 07, 2004 10:21 pm

I know some of you will be disappointed in this news and I am sorry for this, believe me I’m sorry!
The attempt at producing this kit has sidelined and halted other more important projects that I must now move back onto for my survival, simple as that.
I have come very close to making an affordable and just plain cool conversion for this boat, but I feel it would be impractical to offer this as an easy to assemble and dependable product and infact this is what I would call a failure because there are too many variables involved with its water tight integrity.
I t did come out very nice in its design and it does work, but not reliably and that’s very important when the most expensive micro electronics are involved!
I may pick up the challenge later on but I have many other projects now in front of this and I think they will be well received and more profitable for me, which will keep me going.
There is a small bright side from this though; for this kit, I have developed new micro servo drives similar to the standard servo drives used in my larger wtc’s.
I was also planning to announce a new line of motors available this September which was brought about by my search for the perfect direct drive motor for the type-7, so for those of you who are planning to use this type motor in your conversion I may still be able to help you out in a few months.
The motor runs on 3-6 v, and on 4.8-v in my boat @ 5200 rpm and .5 amps ea, cost will be 7.00 ea.
On sept 15, these will be available along with 7.3-v 5500 rpm 385 and 555 size motors!
I will update my web page with this info as I get closer to the arrival date.
Once again I’m sorry for the wasted time yours and mine, I hope new upcoming items will show me some redemption and put this behind me.


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