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Postby davstern » Sun Nov 23, 2003 10:28 pm

To all members of The Sub Committee:

On November 16th, 1998, I, David Stern purchased from Matt Thor his entire submarine business, allowing him to retain the name Thor Design for his engineering work only.

Although I invested a substantial amount of capitol, I was unable to get this business under way at that time due to ongoing contractual obligations that I had.

Thru the years my business took me in other directions, away from the hobby industry. As I was starting to make plans for my retirement, which included getting the model submarine business that I had purchased from Mr.Thor up and running, I was in discussions with a rather prolific modeler in my area about getting production set up as well as expanding this business. I had not been following the Subcommittee message boards for some time, but when I did, I was dismayed to see that Matt Thor had returned to business with what appears to be the very same masters and molds he had sold to me, just 4 years before.

Earlier this year, through a friend of mine who is a local modeler of large surface warships, I was introduced to the products of The Scale Shipyard (Lee Upshaw). I contacted Mr. Upshaw and ordered his catalog as my interest was in his New York Harbor tug Carol Moran. I have gotten to know Lee over the last several months and I have found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, honest, and he produces an extremely high quality and accurate product. He has done more research into the model sub business than I could ever expect to.

I have owned the molds and rights to the entire Thor line for over 5 years now. I have subsequently sold all the molds and rights to the Thor submarines, to Mr. Upshaw. I am confident that these subs are in very good hands for all of you to benefit from. I understand there was much confusion and conjecture about these subs and myself, just so that every one knows, all of these items had not gone into a landfill as someone had been reporting, let that now be put to rest. I don’t wish to start any “wars” as these tend to be counterproductive to all of us and the hobby. I am merely making an announcement of what has happened and what is happening. If anyone wishes to expand on this, it is on their head. This is supposed to be an enjoyable diversion, so please, lets keep it so.

If you have any questions about the reintroduction of these subs, please contact Lee (His info is in the vendor list). I am positive you will be happy dealing with him.

Postby ThorDesign » Mon Nov 24, 2003 9:41 am

Mr. Stern,

I gave you the right to use the name "Thor Design & Development" to aid in selling your boats. I never sold the sole rights to use it to you for any reason. If you did not notice, the new business registration is now "ThorDesign". I sold you molds and masters for the kits that I had in production at the time. Check your contract of sale. You can be dismayed all you like. I got back into the business due to a dramatic change in career and constant requests from modelers of the SubCommittee, since you never came out with your kits. I started from scratch with all of my new kits, which as a professional modeler I have the rights to do. It has taken me 3 1/2 years to do so. Those who helped recreate the masters, including the incredible talents of Dave Merriman, Tom Anderson, Steve Reichmuth, & Ralph Ratclifffe, and many others can verify this. Of course they will be almost identical. The same people remade them using the same materials, techniques, and templates. No secrets there.

I sold 2 versions of my old Seawolf kit, one to Blank, which was the later, improved version, with different hull separations points, and the earliest version to you which, at the time was my best piece of work. Dave Merriman did the scribing on both kits, and has now done the 3rd pattern work for me on my new SSN21 kit. It is quite different from the previous 2 versions, however there are pictures of finished SSN21 kits from the molds I sold Blank on my site.

I did not sign a non-compete with you, so again you can check your contract of sale. I am sure Lee is reveling in his purchase and his attempt to put me out of business. This was no suprise as I was well aware of what was going on with you and lee upshaw. It will be up to the modelers of the SubCommittee as to who survives.

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