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How much detail?

Static Submarine modelers unite!

How much detail?

Postby jaroushey » Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:17 pm

I suppose you could research for years to obtain the degree of detail you wish to include in your model. There may be some details of your model that you want to emphasize. The most difficult detail in any model to detail is the first vessel in the class (i.e. USS THRESHER). The reason is THRESHER had innovations of the late 50s that were not included in the subsequent vessels of the class. For instance, when originally launched THRESHER had retractable PUFFS domes, two topside fore and aft and one through the bottom near the Air Regeneration Room in the aft end of the Torpedo Room. None of the other vessels had such appliances. Also, the arrays that are seen on the SEAWOLF class were present in their original form on THRESHER. Thresher never had several other adaptations that the later vessels had such as a towed sonar array (so no conduit down the deck). Also THRESHER only had one periscope (all later vessels from SSN 594 on, had two, an attack scope and an ESM scope). THRESHER had an ESM antenna where the later vessels had an observation scope installed (a type 2B). THRESHER never had a seven-bladed propeller.

At many gatherings I used to see boats modeled by dedicated craftsmen who really didn't capture the detail of the actual vessel. This, of course, is a matter of choice in many cases but it is simply a matter of a lack of research in other cases. The most important thing about what we do is to be happy with your own competence; there is no doubt about our commitment.

Happy modeling,
Jim Roushey
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