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Why the lack of detail in commercial kits???

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Why the lack of detail in commercial kits???

Postby modelnut » Wed May 21, 2008 11:20 am

Why are vital details like flood vents etc not generally included in commercial submarine kits?

Or am I just buying the wrong kits?

I have bought over a dozen sub kits in my life and in none of them are the details that make a submarine a submarine anywhere to be seen.

Take modern subs. I bought Dragon's kits that came out with the movie, "The Hunt for Red October". None of these subs had flood vents or anchors. I assume that modern subs still have them. I have Greg Sharpe's excellent SKIPJACK blueprints that clearly show them. But none of these kits had any detail on their ventral surface.

I bought a resin kit of SKIPJACK in 350. Still no detail on the underside.

I am not a rivet counter but please --- . A submarine can't sink without these things.

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