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what's a modeller to do?

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Which boat to convert a Revell 1:180 Lionfish to?

USS Carp c1948
USS Carp c1959
USS Pomodon c1951
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what's a modeller to do?

Postby zarya » Thu Dec 27, 2007 9:56 pm

Greetings all and happy holidays!

so, for xmas i received one of the Revell 1:180 Lionfish and have since been stewing over what road to take to do a static conversion using either IBS or Nautilus bits...

the options i'm weighing are:

a) USS Carp (SS-338 ) c1948 on her arctic cruise for ASL and Dr. Lyon... I'd use the Nautilus Icefish conversion kit, their Icefish deck, and their railings photoetching pack for this,

b) USS Carp c1959 (ie after her Fleet Snorkel conversion... there's just something weirdly appealing about a boat with a mascot ==> :lol: ) again, I'd go with Nautilus here and use their EB Step-Sail kit, as well as their Carp deck,

or c) USS Pomodon (SS-486) c1951 (ie after her GUPPY II conversion) and would for this use the IBS GUPPY II conversion kit.

'trouble is, I can't make up my darned head over which way to go. :roll:
I realize of course that it's really all a matter of personal predilection, but'd nonetheless be curious to hear whatever you good folks would care to weigh-in with. :)

thanks for your attention to this!

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Postby Rogue Sub » Fri Dec 28, 2007 9:16 pm

I would still only build what you want. Its the only way to be happy with what you make.
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Postby RickNelson » Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:46 pm

The answer to your question is up to you and the quality/quantity of your reference material.
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