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Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby Yankee Modelworks » Sun Jan 08, 2006 1:43 pm

Hey Gang!
Well its a New Year here at Yankee Modelworks.

During the fall, we were so busy with retooling for producing the ex-Classic Warships kits, that we had little time to focus on new products. We did manage to get the USS Indiana & USS Alabama out the door before the year closed out. We have been slowly re-releasing all of the ex-Classic Warships kits as well. Right now, we have 50% of the 1:350th Classic Warships kits back on the market. Once we done with these, the 700 scale kits will be right behind.

With the new year comes new kits and re-releases.

For you Submarine fans, We will be releasing the following kits by the end of the month:

WWII Kriegsmarine U-Boats:

YKM-35027 Kreigsmarine WWII Type VIIc U-Boat (late war with Snorkel & wintergarden) Price: $55.00

YKM-35028 Kreigsmarine WWII Type IXc U-Boat (late war w/wintergarden) Price: $55.00

For those of you who are USN Submarine fans, we have not forgotten you. Starting the beginning of next month, we will be releasing our post-war USN GUPPY Submarine Fleet kits. The first kits to hit the market will be:

YKM-35112 USS Clagmore SS-343 USN GUPPY III Class SS (Includes PUFFS Array) price: $60.00

YKM-35113 USS Menhaden SS-377 USN GUPPY IIa Class SS (Electric Boat Style Sail) price: $60.00

YKM-35129 USS Dace SS-247 USN GUPPY 1b Class SS (Electric Boat Style Sail) price: $60.00

Over the next couple of months, we will be releasing the rest of the GUPPY boats.

YKM-35126 USS Odax SS-484 USN GUPPY I Class SS (Guppy I Style Sail)

YKM-35127 USS Becuna SS-319 USN GUPPY Ia Class SS (Electric Boat Style Sail)

YKM-35128 USS Sea Robin SS-407 USN GUPPY Ia Class SS (Portsmouth Style Sail)

YKM-35129 USS Blenny SS-324 USN GUPPY Ia Class SS (Guppy III Style Sail w/PUFFS array)

YKM-35131 USS Tiru SS-416 USN GUPPY II Class SS (Portsmouth Style Sail)

YKM-35132 USS Catfish SS-339 USN GUPPY II Class SS (Electric Boat Style Sail)

YKM-35133 USS Cutlass SS-478 USN Guppy II Class SS (Guppy III Style Sail)

YKM-35134 USS Razorback SS-394 USN GUPPY IIa Class SS (Portsmouth Style Sail)

YKM-35135 USS Ronquil SS-396 USN GUPPY IIa Class SS (Guppy III Style Sail)

YKM-35136 USS Cavalla SS-244 USN GUPPY Hunter-Killer SSK

YKM-35137 USS Torsk SS-423 USN GUPPY Fleet Snorkel SS (Portsmouth Style Sail)

YKM-35138 USS Carbonero SS-337 USN GUPPY Fleet Snorkel SS (Electric Boat Style Sail)

YKM-35139 USS Irex SS-482 USN Fleet Snorkel SS (Guppy III Style Sail)

Of course, the pricing & schedules are not firm until the kit actually hits the market. Of course we will let you know of any changes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

John Sheridan
Yankee Modelworks
Yankee Modelworks
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