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More Russian subs to come! - Maquette

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby Gerwalk » Wed Jun 22, 2005 12:06 pm

Browsing through Hannants catalogue I've found these:

Oscar I:
-Maquette MQ4009 Ship kits (full hull) Future Releases 1:400 K-525 Arkhangelisk Russian Submarine £0.00

-Maquette MQ4010 Ship kits (full hull) Future Releases 1:400 K-410 Smolensk Russian Submarine £0.00

M class WWII sub:
-Maquette MQ4011 Ship kits (full hull) Future Releases 1:400 M-111 Russian Submarine

Seems like they are recycling their molds, they already have an Oscar II (Kursk) and making an Oscar I is not that difficult. The M boat was already released before as the nothing really new...
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