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Looks like I was wrong about Revell's next sub

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby ninjrk » Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:50 pm

I was expecting a 1/72 Type XXI, looks like their next sub will be a 1/144 modern German submarine U2121.

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Postby Turbobearcat » Thu Jan 06, 2005 6:57 pm

I seen the site but can't read the Langauge but I seen nothing there to point to Revell's next model kit.

Maybe we can bug them enough to please make a XXI or IV in 1/72 scale.. :-)

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Postby Gerwalk » Mon Jan 10, 2005 1:28 pm

2005 New ships

I'm very pleased with this news!! I love the new german U-boats!! Revell: Please!! Give us a Type 209!!
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