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Brass Barrels, Scopes, Prop Shafts for 1/72 U boat

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby Jess » Wed Dec 22, 2004 8:16 am

At last! Someone is making these parts!
His name is Steve Nuttall. You can find him and pics of his products at The barrels and scopes are comparative to Houshinya's. And the price too.
prop shafts-$12
S/H is $10
He accepts paypal.

Here's the link:

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Postby sam reichart » Wed Dec 22, 2004 9:51 am

thanks Jess. I just emailed him about an order for the barrels and the scopes...

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Postby Thomcmdchief » Wed Dec 22, 2004 3:25 pm

Thanks Jess

I just sent him an email asking if he can do the scopes in 3/32 rather than 1/16. I have the Warhammer shears and the resin scopes, the same size as the kit parts, won't fit the shears once they are drilled out. I'm hoping he can shave a little extra brass off what look to be great scopes.

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