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1/35th type VII boat for sale - U96 and quayside setting on enbay

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby Julianu96 » Wed Jul 14, 2004 9:10 am

I am selling these models at last. After much heartache, they finally have to go. The boat and quayside got a Silver awards at the IPMS nationals in Birmingham 2002.

They are to a very good standard, and will display as a static, or the boat will sail as a radio control sub.

If you require further info or pics email me via ebay.

Kind regards
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Postby Julianu96 » Thu Jul 15, 2004 6:26 pm

Further info on Quayside for sale:

The crane is hand made from scratch, some scale railway parts, some scratch built. It has interior detail and diesel engine as well. Plus cable pullys.

All the vehicles and men are with the sale. Everything you see. Plus the radio room near the gun steps has full detail. I based it on the where eagle dare radio room with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. It also has a working light.

Characters in the medal ceremony are based on Das Boot, as is the whole keyside. The aircraft threat, the prostetute near the crane, the tired sailers in the truck, bomb damage near the security shed.

The sailers near the sand bags are playing cards, and the 2 sailers hugging behind the steps are brothers saying farewell. The 2 guys in the middle are talking to the captain on the U Boat tower.

The 2 on the lower steps left side are loading supplied by hand, as was done due to restrictions of space in the boat. The 2 sat on the steps right hand are eating and chatting.

All graphics is in German genuine typeface (something many get wrong).

The toilet behind the anti-air battery has a sailer shaving into a stained mirror. Behind is a blocked loo with stain water in. The urinals are stained yellow and slightly cracked.

The pier lower are dressed in car filler and painted with sea weed. Rusty water ouses out of the drain holes. The step rails are coated in caustic soda and painted to realistic rust deposits due to the sea water, the lower down the worse condition.

There is a single red air raid siron on one of the telegraph poles.

The road surface has been textured and worn/stained with use. The rails for the crane are rusty on the lower parts, shiny along the rubbed inner edge with the use and weight of the crane.

The vehicles have lots of extra modes, a bike frame and extra luggage rack, sand bags and folded canvas roof. The half track is the later version introduced 2 months before this scene is depicted, and has seen no action, hence good condition.

The staff car has a driver impatiently looking at his watch, not interested in the ceremony.

The brass band has been scratch built form seated troops and hand made hats and instruments added to accurate style and colour.

A vicar looks on awkwardly, feeling separate from what is going on.

Some chain and cardboard boxes with german writing (bread, wine, vegetables) lay hap hazard on the road.

Barbed wire runs along the rounded end of the pier, partly damaged and rusty.
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