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Revell VIIC and Das Boot VII - What's the difference...?

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby Havoc » Sat May 08, 2004 10:04 pm

Heya, folks,

Lemme say again that you've got a great website here!! And again, lemme just say that I am a newbie to subs, so please excuse my lack 'o expertise (though I did just order David Miller's "U-Boats: the Illustrated History of the Deep" and "The Technical History of the U Boat" --- both for good prices from Amazon and B & N used book sellers... Along with Buchheim's "U Boat War" book, which I have had for quite a while, hopefully these books will get me started)...

Anyway, I have always been a big fan of the film "Das Boot" so, of course, I would like to build my Revell VIIC (which just arrived today, wow! :p ) as the sub which appeared in the film.

Can you guys tell me what the basic differences --- if any ---there would be between the kit and the sub portrayed in the film? Is it an early or late model, etc.? Truth be told, I probably won't mess with any of the minutia, but hope to get the model in the ballpark of the craft in the film...

Does anyone make the appropriate decals?

And lastly, a friend of mine tells me that the anti-corrosive color below the waterline was normally red and not gray-black as RG indicates. How accurate is this statement?

Thanks a bunch for letting me pummel you with a barrage of questions!!

Much Aloha,

Johnny B.
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Postby JWLaRue » Sat May 08, 2004 11:37 pm

Hi Johnny,

Those books are a great start to a "U-boat collection", I think you will find them useful.

My examination of the RG Type VIIC kit tells me that in couple of areas the interior of the tower does not seem to reflect the few good photos that exist of the real boat. Two things stick out - the first is that the Uzo is placed in the wrong location (it should be on the centerline) and the second is that the kit has this 'ledge' running all the way around the forward interior, probably intended to represent the lookout's standing position. The photos show a couple of individual steps.

There are some other things as well....but compared to the tower, relatively minor.

The portion of the hull and saddle tanks at and below the waterline were usually given an antifouling paint (which could be red in color), but this was then covered with the dark grey. There is no evidence of any boat going out with a red lower exposed during the war. Nor would a boot topping be found either. What is your friend's source for this information? (Who knows, maybe he has access to information that can confirm his assertion!)

-hope this helps!

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