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as promised my 1/72 Vache qui rit .... - links to my model Revell U-boot & others

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Postby JC Carbonel » Sat Jan 31, 2004 3:10 pm

As promised here is a link to my article about the Revell 1/72 typ VIIC

also my Heller 1/400 typ VIIX/44

underwater tank Panzer III "tauchpanzer" 1/72 conversion :

the "ships of the world" series by Takara : a quick presentation :

I hope you will like them


JC Carbonel
JC Carbonel
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Postby raalst » Sat Jan 31, 2004 4:52 pm

Thanks for the photo's JC !
Nice work.

I noticed the link to the Takara toys.
where can you buy them ?
do you have a link for this manufacturer ?

Do you know if that motor would be usable
for R/C'ing (other) small kits ?? I assume it is
watertight. how big is it ? what battery goes in it ?
Do you have the motor yourself ?

Ronald van Aalst

Just here to Learn
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Postby JC Carbonel » Sun Feb 01, 2004 6:41 am


I got the TAKARA items via a friend but I understand they are available through Hobby Link Japan too.
The motor is small (about 6 cm long) . It is powered by button-type batteries. It does not seem "very" watertight but it must be OK because it obviously intended for powering the models in water . The Seashadow even has some foam unit added underneath the hull so it can float.
As for R/C something you will need a real tiny R/C to put it inside a 1/700 sub....

JC Carbonel
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Postby Desert Boat » Mon Feb 02, 2004 2:57 am

Even though my family name (Agee) is French, my spoken French is limited to 'wee'' and 'auvor'. Is there a way get to read those items in English ... I didn't see any little Union Jacks.
Ray Agee
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Desert Boat
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Postby Bob the Builder » Mon Feb 02, 2004 1:49 pm

I use AltaVista World Translate to translate sites in other languages. It works very well.

JC Carbonel,

do you have any objection to having your review of the Revell kit posted to the new SubCommittee website? I would be happy to paste the translated pages into the reviews section if you will offer your permission...
Bob Martin,
RCSub homepage:
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Bob the Builder
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Postby JC Carbonel » Fri Feb 06, 2004 7:12 am


no problem at all with you posting the translated version on your site as long as there is a link to my site going with it.

Also if the translation is done robotically, please tell me first so I can have a look at it ...I am not over confident in the translating habilities of software ....


JC Carbonel
JC Carbonel
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