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Skywave Pit-Road USS NAUTILUS

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Skywave Pit-Road USS NAUTILUS

Postby gp100man » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:33 pm

In view that yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the launching of the USS NAUTILUS, I thought that I should mention that STEVENS INTERNATIONAL hobby distributors out of New Jersey has IN STOCK as we speak the very hard to find, rare 1/700 scale Skywave/Pit-Road USS NAUTILUS static model submarine kit.
I don't think they will sell to you directly, but they are a source for models for HobbytownUSA. Maybe not all(not sure) but at least some of the HobbytownUSA stores.
If I remember it was around $25.00. give or take abit.

Also check out my post on the USS NAUTILUS above in the subs in the news section. ... tid=437004
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Re: Skywave Pit-Road USS NAUTILUS

Postby steh2o » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:56 am

I have both a built version (Takara) and the SkyWave version. I compared it with Blue Ridge Models drawings and other drawings found here in the SubCommittee, and I have a few comments:
-overall dimensions are really good, matching length and width to a couple of 0.1mms (f.a.e. width should be 12.2 and I measure 12.37 )
-there are some issues about shape, although: the sail seems not tall enough, and a bit too wide, the hull height is excessive when compared with both plans , and the tail cone seems too fat.The deck seems too wide, exceptionally so when compared with BRM plans (about 2mm wider) but I think that BRM is too skinny in many respects. Anyway, I think it can be reshaped in a decent Nautilus, with a few hours of hard modelling. I plan to do it when I finish my long hull 637.
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