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Uboat Type XXI

Static Submarine modelers unite!

Uboat Type XXI

Postby modelnut » Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:43 pm

Was going to work on my Special Navy Type XXIII today but had to put that on hold. We collected a stray kitten yesterday that is just barely old enough to be separated from his mother. I found him in the parking lot behind the store where I work. Some vendors spotted him and kept their eyes on him for a good while. I went out a few times over the next hour looking for his mother. But she was not to be found. He is way too little to survive on his own. The wife and I took him to the vet on the way home. They declared him fit and just barely weaned. So we have a new addition to the family. But he will have to be watched over for quite a while. Our own grown up cat loathes him and has since she first set eyes on him. :roll: But I have told her again and again that she will just have to get used to him. He is here to stay now. I just couldn't leave him to starve or get run over by a semi. :(

So he and I surfed today. His name is "Scrap" btw. Because he is just a scrap of a cat. (We were going to name him "Trouble". But we don't want him growing up to fit that name. :shock: )


I have the XXIII in 72nd scale. I have the GATO. I have the Japanese Type A coming in the mail. I am thinking of ordering a Seehund. All of these are in 72nd scale.
Then I got to thinking. Why isn't there a Type XXI Uboat in 72nd scale? Revell has two large scale boats in that scale, the Type VIIC, and the GATO. And there is the IJN I-53. Why isn't there a Type XXI?

I saw that a vacuform kit used to be available. But that company has gone "toes up". :cry:

It sure would be nice to hear of this boat coming out in that scale. She's pretty!

- Leelan

P.S. I just bought a 144th scale Revell XXI on eBay. Then I spotted the Wilhelm Bauer. Oy. Too many kits out there but in the wrong scale.
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Re: Uboat Type XXI

Postby hakkikt » Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:05 am

Good luck with Scrap, may his flatmate not go too evil on him : )

I think a lot of people are waiting for an injected 1:72 Type XXI, about as many as are waiting for a Type IX... not gonna happen from Revell though, as far as current info goes. :/
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