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Nautilus in action! - real time model combat

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby Captain Nemo12 » Fri Apr 23, 2004 4:45 pm

You guys had all the fun! :D I can't wait wait until I test my N. One idea for the ship (Abraham Lincoln, Scotia, etc.) was to make it out of cheap material, foam, and whatever... make it motorized, and make the dorsal fin of the Nautilus smash in to the hull of the ship, find some sort of way to hit and sink it.... for real.

But, along with the ship is attached a piece of string linking to the Nautilus, I'll have to put some sort of a shroud to protect the prop from entangling with the string. As the ship is sunk, the Nautilus will drag it along, up to the shore and stop. To be able to do this, the motor compartment of the ship has to be waterproof, no problem. And also the ship has to travel at a decent speed. I hope to test out this method this summer. Here are the things I will add:

-Instead of green light around the sub, it is going to be yellow light.

-Reinforce the dorsal fin so it won't break during the ramming.

-If the speed of the sub is not fast enough, might as well get a gearbox or a stronger motor.

-If I can add sound to it, dubbing of any dramatic music to the video should be good enough.
280 meters.... and she's still in one piece!
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