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Requesting Nautilus Replica Replacement -pls read - If you've got a damaged Nautilus Replica

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby cyberlarry7 » Tue Apr 06, 2004 4:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I have the most Current, Up-To-Date news on the Replacement Nautilus, direct from a high level source at Disney's. I'm going to ask all of you who have requested Replacement Nautilus to make one last phone call. Here's why:

I had a very serious conversation with one of the top people at the Disney Store yesterday. Here is the final word on what you should do if you've requested a replacement Nautilus (and when you can expect to receive it). Please read the entire email.

FIRST - as I said in my last email, everybody who has requested a replacement should call the Disney Store at 1-800-237-5751 (call anytime - their operators are taking calls
24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

SECOND - ask the Disney Store Operator to full up you Account on their computer screen.

THIRD - (This is the important part)
-- To Repeat -- you tell the Operator you want her/him to confirm that an MPF FORM has been sent to the Disney Distribution Center for your Replacement Nautilus.
- If the Operator doesn't know about this form -- or tries to get out of doing it -- you should firmly request (be nice!) to talk to the supervisor (or someone higher up than the Operator you're currently speaking with) and again -- Request the same thing.

Believe me, the supervisor or Customer Returns Agent will definitely know what you're talking about. Trust me on this.

LASTLY - you should please request that you want the Operator to write this into your Disney Store Account file (...that an MPF Form was sent to the Disney Distribution Center on your behalf).

People, I personally sympathize with all of you. A lot. I've personally had to return 3 (yep, that's 3) Nautilus Replicas. Got 2 'good' replacements... and am now awaiting the 3rd replacement Nautilus. The 'unverified' word I'm now getting from my friends over at the Disney Company say that they expect the replacements to finally be distributed just before the summer (or in the earliest part of the summer). They want to wait just 30 days more to make sure that 'everyone who's going to want a replacement Nautilus has called up/written in/and sent back their damaged replica. THEN, with the official tally/number of subs to be re-made, they will arrange to get new replicas manufactured. Folks, this has really been a terrific test of our patience... let's just wait this out a while longer. As I've said in the past, these replicas built by Rich & Will are so beautiful, I think they're worth it.

Larry Brooks
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