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Exciting book, Valhalla Rising

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby Lundberg » Sat Sep 06, 2003 4:26 am


just wanted to give you all a hint regarding an exciting book that I'm currently reading, I thought it might interest you all...

The book is called "Valhalla Rising" and is written by Clive Cussler, it's basically an adventure book covering among other things diving, submersibles and sea rescue operations.

On top of that the author has added some pieces and reference to Captain Nemo and his Nautilus, since I'm from Scandinavia I'm also pleased to find reference to the Vikings and how they explored North America long before Columbus.

It's difficult to explain how all this links together but I do recommend the book to any one interested in diving, boats, submersibles, vikings, old airplanes and/or pure adventure.

/Bjorn in Sweden

PS. If you have already read the book don't tell me how it ends because I've not quite reached the end yet ;-)
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